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Welcome to chandravanshi reality a house of industrial minerals. Everything we do is passionately driven by the ambition. Our services incorporate the activities such as Project Management, Building Construction,railways,cinemas,hotels, and many more. Started in the year 2016, we have been working hard in the above mentioned fields and have fortunately achieved a respectable name and position out of our hard work, commitment and dedication.our Company is a full-service contractor and industry leader, with the people, expertise, and financial strength to execute and deliver both large and small projects- successfully.

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This company can also construct, build, water proofing, sewage, demolish, fabricate, execute, carry out, improve work, develop & rebuild, repair, maintenance, administer, manage or control in India or abroad- on any land or immovable property in any capacity & conveniences of all kinds including turnkey jobs, railway, tramway speedway, runways, roads, aerodromes, sewage, theatres, cinema halls, piers, dams, barrages, reservoirs, embankment, canals, irrigation, power houses,  transmission lines, reclamation, improvement sewage,  drainage, sanitary work for buildings , hotels, houses, market, private public & all kind of conveniences & to carry out business of builders & civil engineers, architects, estimators & designers thereof.